Show News 2016


Champion Revodna Simply Red

26-03-2016 We attended the Kernow CC and the South west British Shorthair CC with two of our boys Revodna Woodstock He gained his 2nd CC & BOB at the Kernow and 2nd at the South west, he did very well in his Misc' classes. He just needs one more CC to gain his Champion status.

We also took Revodna Simply Red who had a great day out he gained his Grand and BOB in the Kernow and also the Grand and BOB at the South West making him up to a Grand Champion today. Well done my lovely boy. He also went on to get Overall Best British Adult in the South West British Shorthair  Cat Club.






GR CH WARNES’ CH REVODNA SIMPLY-RED (BRI d) 15.5.2014 A very well grown lad in both maturity, size and body development for his age! Super fat broad rounded head with neat ears of correct set and spacing. Expressive large round deep orange eyes, fairly short broad straight nose, level broad bite, firm chin and super fullness, overall showing very good head maturity for his age. Huge solid and muscular body of with excellent bone to his short thick legs. Good broad tail at base tapering to a rounded tip of good length. Superb deep chest and flanks. His coat is excellent! Short, dense, crisp and a lovely rich red that is almost sound right down to the roots, considering his age he has less ghost markings than expected s that’s a bonus! Very promising chap indeed!



This was our first show of 2016, We took two cats today, Ch Revodna Simply Red who got the reserve Grand in both Shows against some outstanding boys the Grand went to Sue Lorton- Hobbs wonderful cream/white boy Ch Loraston Billy Idol very well deserved.

This was the beautiful Luna De Clos Djibelor first show appearance in the UK she was only entered in the one show (The Croydon) she enjoyed her day and did very well, 1st and BOB and then went on to BEST IN SHOW BRITISH KITTEN.


Here are some of the Judges critics.


Mrs C Leighton

Res GR CH Warnes’ REVODNA SIMPLY-RED (BRI d) 15.5.14 M An impressive well grown boy for his age with a lovely large rounded solid head with neat ears that followed the contours of his head. Large round eyes of an excellent colour with a good short broad straight nose and lovely well filled cheeks for his age. Good solid muzzle and firm chin with a nice level bite. Massive heavyweight body of substantial build and bone, especially for one so young. Deep chest and flanks and thick solid legs with lathe round paws. His coat was a super length and texture and was in excellent condition today. It was a lovely vibrant red throughout but of course did show some spotted pattern in places. Lovely length well balanced tail and I foresee a great future ahead of him. Super temperament to match his looks.


Mr J Hansson

AC British Adult
1st WARNES’S CH REVODNA SIMPLY-RED. BRI d. 15-05-14. Red, very substantial chap. Head is well rounded & his cheeks well filled, round on the brow, chin & bite both good. Ears are set well apart, smaller medium size. Large wide open deep copper orange colour. Strong neck, broad chest, cobbey square appearance, perhaps a little more rounded than ideal, low on well proportioned legs, round paws, moderately thick tail to balance. His coat was a good shorter length, very good density a little softer perhaps than ideal. His colour was rich & bright, with a good degree of soundness to his very pleasing red colour, he does have more evidence of spotted base pattern than I would ideally wish but as with all red inevitable to some degree. Super condition & temperament.

Southern Counties


Mr W Vessey

Res Grand Warnes CH REVODNA SIMPLY-RED ( BRI d ) M 15.5.14

This is another very impressive male who is just not quite as developed head wise as the winning lad yet but he is well in accordance with what you would expect for his age. He is strong, masculine and solid with excellent muscle tone and boning. His head shows good overall roundness, the cheeks and muzzle are developing well. His medium sized ears are well placed with rounded tips. He has a short, broad and straight nose, the chin could be firmer. His bite is level. His eyes are big, round and open. This lad has praiseworthy eye colour, a deep, clear shade of copper. All of this ensures a typical and very open expression. He has short, strong limbs and firm rounded paws. The chest is deep and broad, his body proportions are excellent and the back is broad. His tail is slightly short with a rounded tip. There is an excellent texture to his coat which is short, plush and crisp. Whilst there is some evidence of ghost markings over his body he is essentially a really deep and richly pigmented shade of red with good levels of soundness. Indeed a handsome cat of excellent British type who was in perfect show condition. Excellent temperament.


Mrs J Bradley  Croydon CC

Lilac kitten
1 & BOB WARNS LUNA DE CLOS DJIBELOR very attractive girl 7 months, lovely balanced round head,
short nose, level bite and firm chin, nice profile, round attractive gold eyes, neat ears with very nice top of
head, compact body, balanced with good legs and rounded paws, coat again very nice, short crisp and of
nice density, lovely sound frosty lilac colouring, maybe to be picky could do with a little more pinkie hue, tail balanced, A Very Nice Baby.