Show News 2015


​Kernow cat club & South-West British Shorthair cat Club Joint Show 11-04-2015

Another Great day for Revodna we took 4 cats today!

Ch Revodna Total Eclipse - 1 Grand CC and 1 Reserve Grand & 2 BOB

Revodna Black Jack- Shown in South West only 1CC & BOB making him up to Champion today.

Revodna Rhapsody- Shown in Kernow only - 1CC & BOB making him up to Champion today.

Revodna Simply-Red - 2CCs & 2 BOB also Best British Adult in South - west & Overall BEST IN SHOW.

1.  CC. & BOB.  WARNES’ REVODNA BLACK-JACK.  BR1 n 15.   M.  15.5.14.
A very good size and weight to this Black boy of 10 months, who showed good British type. Round head with good breadth and depth; medium size ears with good space between; cheeks well rounded to muzzle; firm chin, level bite, short broad nose; round eyes of a deep copper.   Excellent size and weight to his cobby body; broad chest; short, very well boned legs, neat paws; balanced tail with rounded tip. Coat is pristine black; sound to the roots; short, dense, and firm.   He is quite an eye catcher!   He was easy to handle and was shown in good condition.

1.  CC. & BOB.   WARNES’ REVODNA SIMPLY-RED.  BR1 d 15d.  15.5.14.
An eye-catching Red boy of ten months, showing good British type and development for his age. Round head with good breadth and depth; medium size ears with good space between; cheeks well rounded to muzzle; firm chin, level bite, short broad nose; round eyes of deep copper giving him a very handsome expression.    Very good weight and size to his cobby body; good broad chest; short very well-boned legs, neat paws.   Excellent coat, short, dense and firm, of a rich red, with some slight ghost tabby pattern, which is really very superficial.    He really is a stunning boy with a gentle temperament.  He was shown in good condition and was easy to handle. He was my overall choice for Best British Adult.  I was delighted to note that he was overall Best Exhibit. Congratulations to his owner/breeder.

GR.CH.WARNES, CH.REVODNA TOTAL ECLIPSE. Black Tortie girl of 17 months with superb cobby body carried on strong limbs. Dense well-mingled coat of good texture & length. Well rounded head & fullness to cheeks, level bite & firm chin. Expressive eyes of correct shape& set, superb copper eyes. Good top of head between neat well-set ears. Good tail to balance.

Red Self Adult- MRS MILES
CC & BOB – Warnes’ Revodna Simply Red (BRI d)
Incredible boy for his age of 10 months. Huge. Very solid boy who obviously loves his food. His head is well balanced with well set ears which are just a ‘tad’ wide at base. Balanced cheeks, large round eyes of deep orange colour, short broad nose with a pink leather, level bite and a firm chin. Huge cobby body with matching thick short legs and large round paws. Tail of medium length, thick at base with a nicely rounded tip. Excellent  rich red coat, very short and dense. Showing as most self red cats do, spotting on his coat. Lovely temperament.

Cream Adult Male - MRS MILES

1 CC & BOB -  Warnes’ Revodna Rhapsody (BRI e)
What a stunner!! Super balanced boy with a headshape to match. Excellent width between his neat well set ears. Lovely chubby cheeks, large expressive eyes of deepest orange colour, short broad nose, level bite and a firm chin. Heavy cobby body which stands low on short thick legs and rounded paws. He has a lovely thick ‘british’ tail, with a rounded tip. His coat is of the palest cream colour, just showing some very faint spotting and his tail has faint rings. Super thick dense coat, a worthy winner of this class & BOB.

BOB AWARDED TO: WARNES’ CH REVODNA TOTAL ECLIPSE (BRI f) (21) Stunning Black Tortie who I would happily take home!  Gorgeous type, eyes and coat colour and mingling.  Stunning colours!

​​​Cov/Leicester & Herts/Middlesex Joint Show 28th Feb 2015.

Another excellent day for Revodna we took two cats today!!

Revodna Black-Jack at his first Adult Show 2 CCs

Ch Revodna Autumn Breeze - 2 Grand CCS and 2 BOB's, Red Card Day and BEST BRITISH ADULT at the Herts/Middlesex

Also congratulations to Carla and Dave Ashton of Pawsoms British Shorthairs with their young blue/white boy Revodna Alexander McQueen on his first kitten show - 2 -1st and BOB. Thank you for showing him so well.

1CC Ex 194 Mrs Warnes REVONDA BLACK-JACK (BRI n) M 15.5.14 Delighted to see this young chap, 9 months and 1 week old, again so soon. Also delighted to award this CC today. Well developed beyond his “months” and looking mature. Good large round head on short thick neck, with nice smallish ears well set and nice round tips. Rounded brow. Very masculine look. Broad straight nose to good firm chin with level bite. Lovely set eyes with nice deep gold colouring. Eyes are large and well opened and rounded. Cobby well developed chunky body of good size and weight for his age and I note he is only just an adult by 1 week. Standing low to ground on short strong muscular legs. Coat is a lovely sound black with nice gloss. I noted he has a dusty end to his tail. Coat is dense with lovely crisp texture for his age and is in super condition. Tail is medium thick of good length to balance with rounded tip. He has a super personality although just a bit timid this morning but the crowd of exhibitors was overwhelming and the hall noise levels high.

A striking Black Tortie girl of nearly one and a half years showing very good British type. Round head; neat ears with good space between; cheeks well-rounded to good muzzle; firm chin, level bite, short broad nose; round eyes of a deep copper.What a good size cobby body; broad chest, short well-boned legs, neat paws; balanced tail.            Excellent coat, short, dense and firm, of a lovely mixture of black intermingled with cream and red, sound to the roots.She has a little cream spot on her chin. A delightful lady who was easy to handle and who was shown in excellent condition.

GR CH Warnes’ CH Revodna Autumn Breeze [BRI f] 22/10/13
This girl is just beautiful. Apple shaped head showing excellent British type. Good width between small neat ears which fit nicely into her rounded forehead. Her eye colour is superb. Burnt orange round eyes. Short broad nose. Well rounded full cheeks and broad muzzle. Level bite strong chin. Cobby well boned body standing low and square on short sturdy legs and firm paws. Thick balanced tail with a rounded tip. Amazingly short coat which is thick and dense and springy to the touch. Jet black well mingled with rich red. Both colours present on all four paws. A very attractive female whose split face enhanced her look.

1 & CC                  
This is a well proportioned and very balanced young male. Obviously adolescent but appearing considerably more mature and developed than his age would suggest. He has a broad skull with well placed medium sized ears, the cheeks are developing and he has rounded muzzle lines. He has a  gently rounded forehead, a short and broad nose, firm chin and a level bite.  He has big deep copper eyes of an excellent shape all ensuring a typically open expression.  The body is strong, well muscled, weighty and compact. There is excellent bone to his short limbs and the paws are round and firm. Medium length, thick tail with a rounded tip. His coat is short, crisp and dense, well prepared and in healthy condition. This black male is well pigmented and shows a very high level of soundness. Quite a shy lad who was not overly impressed with the proceedings but showed no malice. With normal development I am sure he will have a very bright future.

​​​Croydon Cat Club & Southern Counties Cat Club Joint Show- 14th Feb 2015

We had an excellent start to 2015 show season we took 4 cats today

​CH REVODNA TOTAL ECLIPSE-  My Black Tortie has become a Champion in three straight shows !!  she won her 3rd CC and the BOB, She was only entered in one show The Croydon Cat Club.

Imp Gr Ch REVODNA JUST - ISABELLA  My blue girl become an IMPERIAL today Winning her 5th IMPERIAL CC She was only entered in the one show the Southern Counties.

REVODNA RHAPSODY his first show  2 CC's and  2 BOB's.


​​​CREAM ADULT -  CROYDON CAT CLUB- Mrs Sue Lorton - Hobbs
1ST CC & BOB WARNES’ REVODNA RHAPSODY (BRI e)  Cream.  13.2.14  Young lad show shows much promise.  He has a lovely fat broad apple head with very nice width between neat ears.  Lovely large rounded coppery orange eyes set well apart a short straight broad nose with lovely chubby cheeks and a nice muzzle all merging into a good round head. Sort close coupled cobby well developed body supported by short thick legs and fat rounded paws.  Tail short and broad at base with some rings.  His coat is medium cream in this lighting, ive seen it look paler, some faint ghost spotting to clear as yet, coat is fairly short, almost sound and really really dense and texture coming.  I loved his type!

Delightful young man with tiny ears set into the line of the head; full well boned head with full chubby cheeks and a broad deep muzzle. Firm chin and level bite; large expressive deep gold eyes. Square chunky body of excellent size and weight very mature for his age; low thick legs round heavy paws, short blunt tail. Lovely coat, short dense and padded, completely sound in colour.

Black, chocolate, cinnamon tortie adult. CROYDON CAT CLUB - Mrs Bradley
1CC & BOB WARNES REVONDA TOTAL ECLIPSE, lovely nature black tortie girl 16 months, excellent full broad, rounded head, short nose, lovely profile, round deep gold eyes nice expression, medium ears nicely placed with broad top of head, great body deep chest strong boned legs and paws, good dense short crisp coat of lovely dense black colouring with rich and warm red mingling throughout, all feet broken with colour red back foot, attractive devision of colour on face, tail of good length and in balance nice natured girl.

AC British Novice Adult; Mr Hansson
1st  WARNES’S  REVODNA RHAPSODY.  BRI e.  02-05-14.  Cream, at not yet 9.5 months this lad has much to recommend not least of which was his colour & coat texture.  His heads though still a way to go in the maturity stakes was where one would expect given his age, cheeks well rounded & good muzzle, round on the brow, his chin & bite both good.   Ears moderately small, still to widen a little further.  Eyes are round & a stunning deep vibrant coppery orange colour.  He has pleasing body development with cobby shape & good depth for his age, low on the strong legs & round paws, broad medium length tail.  His coat was marginally longer than ideal but beautifully dense & has a wonderful degree of crispness for one so young. Initially in the pen his colour looked a little warm but once out it was much cooler tone with a more powdery soft cream, clearing well & though still to even out more for his young age it is very impressive.  He was in wonderful condition & has such a very composed gentle nature.

AC British , Manx, Selkirk Rex Grand Champion - SOUTHERN COUNTIES CAT CLUB -  Mrs Bradley
1IMP GR CH WARNES GRCH REVONDA JUST ISABELLA, born July 2011, attractive balanced Blue girl, nicely rounded broad head, short nose level bite and firm chin, round nice expressive gold eyes, ears well placed with good top of head. Balanced girl not overlarge but showing good confirmation, loverly short dense crisp coat, blue slight silvered, tail just rather thin and sparsely furnished, lovely natured girl. .she was also my BOB blue.